Music Educator

Derek Schmidt offers private lessons for both adults and children  in composition, songwriting, music production, music theory, piano, guitar, and ukulele. Both online and in-person lessons can be available, depending on location. Derek focuses on individualized lessons that are tailored to the interests of the student, providing a solid foundation of theory, technique, and real world music skills the student can take anywhere on their musical journey. For more information please contact [email protected].


“Derek is an amazing instructor. He has extensive knowledge of music theory and composition, and is an incredibly talented musician. He knows how to explain things in a way that makes it easy to understand. As a beginner, he has really demystified the process of learning music and helped me progress in my ukelele playing. He is very patient and can really bring you to where you want to be musically. I highly recommend him!” – V.

“I’ve been wanting to continue my learning of ukulele and guitar. Derek is such a knowledgeable and patient teacher. I love how he breaks down the understanding of music theory and composition. I’ve had other guitar teachers that have taught me how to copy music tabs but Derek is really great in explaining the why of music!” – T.