All My Pretty Ones is looking for new musicians!!!



Trying to post this far and wide and always remain excited for who’ll I’ll find out these in the universe!!!

Hey there, I’m the songwriter and singer of AMPO and I’m looking for musicians to start a new incarnation of this project. All My Pretty Ones started some years ago in the east bay with a bunch of musician friends loosely interested in acoustic arrangements. I can’t really say folk, because the songwriting encompasses lots of different elements, including experimental ideas as well. I love how my songs transform with every different person I play with. I’ve been working on a few other projects for about a year now but I really miss the social aspect of arrangement with other musicians, have always felt like this particular project still has some sustained interest (on spotify and rdio etc) and think that might have to do with the translation of the songs through other players. I love the unexpected magic that happens and I’d like to go with that.

Usually I’m looking for specific instruments, but as I’ve let this run dormant (with a hefty amount of alumni that still like to jump in and out of shows or recordings), and it’s time to rebuild from the beginning! In the past there’s been (and I’m sure not limited to): guitar, cello, oboe, drums [not rocky, very quiet and percussive, almost orchestral textures], upright bass, fiddle, violin, and mandolin. I’m open to all possible combinations. :) I play/write on piano, guitar, and ukulele.

I’m looking for a group that wants to play music with a group of people, not really songwrite, but enjoy throwing out arrangement ideas. Also really love musicians who love to sing, harmonize, and think about interesting vocal arrangements. The goal for this particular incarnation is to record another EP, play live, and continue this project’s tradition of just really good acoustic music that doesn’t seem to quite fit in any genre. :)

I like the setup of weekly practices- my lil place in the mission is available for that but not so much a lot of drums I guess. I ┬áhave a good connection with a sound engineer and producer I’ve worked with for several AMPO albums, and already have a ton of songs to offer up to the group to start arranging. I have some good connections and standing with small and mid sized venues around town (viracocha to bottom of the hill). So if you’re ready to play out, or record, this project won’t take long with some regular practices to get this moving along!

The level of skill needs to be high enough to communicate ideas with others in practices. pluses for reading music (I can write out most stuff for you if you’re more from an orchestra background), but most people have tended to just communicate chord progressions, different time signatures, etc. Year’s ago it was a lot more casual, but currently I like working with musicians who consider themselves proficient in their instruments, and not ‘learning’ them as you go.

Oh yeah I’m queer and feminist and have found that the greater the diversity of backgrounds in the group, the more interesting the sound is. You don’t need to be queer, but this project isn’t for the close minded. You gotta roll with a lot of different types of people. Queers and people of color encouraged to reply!

Moneywise- I just split live show payment or album/merch sales. If you’re interested in just the recording and practices aspect, we can work out some amount as I’m able. This isn’t really at a phase where it’s about the money, though is it? I fully believe artists should get paid for their work, and I want to make that happen as best as I’m able, so just be up front about your needs. That said, I’m not looking to hire a bunch of studio musicians. There’s something organic in this development that might lose something going that route.

Here’s a bunch of links, to my music and specifically All My Pretty Ones. Let me know what you think and if you’re interested. Thanks- Derek

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